Who can join the Muscateers?

All RAHRC members can join. General RAHRC membership fee includes participation of all sections such as Hockey. You can become a member if you work for PDO or one of the main contractors that work for PDO. Another option is to become an instructor member. Non-members can be introduced for a relative low fee each time they participate or enter the club.

Do you provide training?

We provide basic training for adults of half an hour prior to our weekly matches with the main aim to warm up, to improve ball handling and team playing. Also we train the keeper. For the children we provide after school hockey for all PDO school children. This consist of exercises and matches.

Do you play competition?

No we are not allowed to participate in the national competition. We do however play regularly friendly matches and tournaments. Also we play competitive mixed matches at the BSM school every Tuesday evening in addition to our regular Saturday evenings.

Is it dangerous to play hockey?

No it is not. Statistically world wide hockey is safer then football. In addition [ since 2 years] we do not allow hitting at our grass pitch. The main reason is the pitch condition which can cause high balls. At the same time we also minimise damage to the pitch. Pushing high balls is only allowed if it is safe, in case of doubt we give a free kick. We have always one or two referees who control this. Everyone is responsible for his one safety, we advise shin pads and moth protection guards. In the last 5 years we have not had one single serious incident.