Soil Measurements Grass Pitch 30/04/2011

13/05/2011 22:48

The hockey section carried out soil measurements on 30/4/2011 09:00 hrs (25 sample points) which revealed very high moisture rate (9.8 out of 10) and relative high acidity (6.1). Since 2008 we continue to engage with the club management, committee representatives and OIG contractor to ensure that professional horticultural practices are applied to the grass pitch. Recently the blades of the grass mower haven been sharpened which significantly improved the grass quality. However it is crucial that appropriate maintenance takes place during the summer. This should include deep aeration to better root growth; this is one of our most important recommendations. We have also advised to reduce watering (frequency and volume, routinely daily late evenings) which should reduce algae growth and compaction of the soil.