About Us


The aim of this web site is to inform RAHRC hockey members (the ‘Muscateers’), future members, ex-hockey members and hockey lovers in Oman, the region and the world! We are a small group of mixed hockey lovers that like to stay in touch with our friends. Many of us have temporary assignments in Oman; this web site contributes to a sustained presence of our small but active section. Many of us work for PDO, but others don’t. We have about 15 different nationalities enjoying hockey, with quite a big presence from the Dutch -  where hockey is very popular. In Holland we say: Hockey is voetbal met een stokkie! Of course hockey is much more than that! After our regular match we frequently spend the third half at the boat club. In midsummer we dip in the sea to cool down from an exhausted match in sometimes 40+ degrees. We play all year round except during summer field maintenance when we move to indoor. We do not play competition, but we play competitive.... Stick around!  

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History of web site

This is the first proper web site for the Muscateers. In May 2009 we started a Face book page. Also we had a simple html page under www.pdorc with the essential hockey information published. But we recognise that a well structured website provides additional information, especially to those who do not participate in Face book. It is meant to be maintained at frequent basis and will provide pictures of key events. Let us know your feedback.