Omantel Hockey Tournament 2012

13/12/2011 11:43

As this year, Omantel has let us know that they would be keen to sponsor again the Omantel Hockey Cup next year. We suggested at the Hockey AGM to co-organise this with our hockey friends who play at the BSM pitch: the recently erected ‘Muscat Arabian Foxes’ hockey club. Let us know your ides and suggestions or support.

Grass Pitch Maintenance - a challenge

13/12/2011 11:36

It is a challenge to get professional sports pitch maintenance provided on the PDO grass pitch. The hockey section is always on the forefront to raise issues and improvements. We have done this again on the last main club AGM in 2011. Improper maintenance results in a poor quality and more hazards for hockey, and earlier end of season to all. The main problems with the pitch are: 1) Generally the pitch is too wet causing algae growth, 2) not well cut (no blade sharpening causing damage to grass) 3) too compact soil (no proper roots development, no aeration carried out), 4) too acid and 5) not enough compost (too much sand). The committee will continue to try to improve maintenance practices.

Summer Season

26/07/2011 21:03

There are insufficient player around to play indoor matches. We will pick up hockey again on 10 september.

RAH development project - engagement 16 July

26/07/2011 21:03

On 16 July there was an engagement with residents and members. For the next 1.5 years the current sports pitch will not be effected.

Tournament over - pitch held well

21/03/2011 21:25

Tournament finished. Great success. The pitch held well. Unfortunately the sharpening of the mowing machine came to late for the tournament, hence the bit longer grass.  We stopped watering for a day which made the ground more firm for the tournament. Our football and rugby colleagues can use the pitch without any problem. Thanks to School Management and RAHRC Management for their cooperation!

Goals borrowing from BSM for tournament

15/03/2011 22:05


Just returned form BSM pitch. The trailer was too small to carry the goals for the tournament to PDO pitch. Disassembling and assembling takes to much time. Great that Kutappa from Coorg helped out to arrange a truck tomorrow! Many Thanks!

First blog

13/03/2011 19:14

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.