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Omantel Hockey Tournament 2012

13/12/2011 11:43
As this year, Omantel has let us know that they would be keen to sponsor again the Omantel Hockey Cup next year. We suggested at the Hockey AGM to co-organise this with our hockey friends who play at the BSM pitch: the recently erected ‘Muscat Arabian Foxes’ hockey club. Let us know your ides and...

Grass Pitch Maintenance - a challenge

13/12/2011 11:36
It is a challenge to get professional sports pitch maintenance provided on the PDO grass pitch. The hockey section is always on the forefront to raise issues and improvements. We have done this again on the last main club AGM in 2011. Improper maintenance results in a poor quality and more...

Handover to new committee

13/12/2011 11:30
As of today the Kees Hindriks will replace Roel van der Sterren as the new Chairman, Cedric Vansteenkiste will replace Gill Clark as the new Secretary. Hendrik Moorrees will stay on the Hockey Section Treasurer. Simone van Gils and Heleen Elzenga will continue with the children hockey. We...

Sports pitch available during RAH development!

25/10/2011 22:45
Good news! At yesterdays RAHRC AGM (24/10/2011) it was confirmed that there would be no interruption in the availability of a sports pitch during the transformation from the current grass pitch to the future multipurpose astro turf sports pitch. Feedback of sections will be discussed in December...

Hockey yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM)

01/10/2011 23:40
Please join us at the yearly Hockey AGM on 15 Oct 2011. Venue: boat club. There will be food and refreshments after our regular match. A web invite has been sent to each of the players and trainers.

Friendly match against COORG Team

01/10/2011 23:36
Today we played a friendly match against the COORG team from Muscat at the PDO grass pitch. It was an 8 aside with a our Muscateers keeper (Cedric) on our side the first half (2-0) who then moved to the COORG side in the second half (2-6). Thanks to Kuttappa Mekerira for arranging a team! We all...

Hockey has started - welcome back!

16/09/2011 21:49
We have kicked of hockey on 10/9! We have a number of new players filling the gaps of those who left us. On Saturdays 17:00-1800 hrs we provide after school hockey for the children. On Tuesdays 17:00 – 18:00 we provide indoor hockey for the youth (9-13 years). Please let us know if you could help...

Pitch remains for 1.5 years

26/07/2011 21:11
On 16 July there was an engagement between the Ras Al Hamra development Project Team and the residents / members. The current grass pitch will become astro turf and will be re-located. For the next 1.5 years the current sports pitch will not be effected.

Summer season 2011

26/07/2011 21:09
Unfortunately, no indoor hockey in the summer due to insufficient players. Maybe we can arrange a friendly match during Eid!

Summer Season

26/07/2011 21:03
There are insufficient player around to play indoor matches. We will pick up hockey again on 10 september.
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